…Under a full moon is a black metal/doom metal group founded by Evan Barton. The lineup now exists of Evan Barton and Gjøran Sæther.

Evan Barton

Evan Burton is as mentioned the founder of …Under a Full Moon. Besides from being in Under a Full Moon, Evan has released music as/with Hateful Transgression, Hematospermia, FVRLVRN, Your End and Autopsy Malice.


Gjøran Sæther

Gjøran Sæther is for most better known through the artist alias Proteque. Besides from …Under a Full Moon, Gjøran has released music as/with Proteque (solo project), Your End, Sinister Sister, Hateful Transgression, Orbitoclast and Eris and Dysnomia. Outside music Gjøran has also make sound for theatre and films.