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2 months ago
...Under a Full Moon - And All Will Be Washed Off In The Rain (Official Lyric Video)

And here it is! And All Will Be Washed Off In The Rain is the first single from …Under a Full Moons album Destruction of Humanity. Destruction of Humanity is to be released on LP and digitally ... See more

''And All Will Be Washed Off In The Rain'' is the first single from …Under a Full Moon's album ''Destruction of Humanity''. ''Destruction of Humanity'' is to...

2 months ago

Tomorrow we have a release for you. One of the tunes from our coming album Destruction of Humanity is to be streamable from our friend at 666MrDoom! Be sure to head by his youtube channel and ... See more

2 months ago

Tough times etc. We are soon (very soon I hope. Things are just a bit chaotic now and our usual partners in crime is hard to reach due to the current situation in the world) releasing the first ... See more

4 months ago

Hey friends! Are you ready for some new stuff? We have worked really hard the last half year with new stuff. And this time you will be able to put us on your mighty 12" (not your penis, your LP ... See more

9 months ago
Our Riches, by ...Under a Full Moon

Our Riches tapes are now available directly from the band


8 track album

10 months ago
...Under A Full Moon - Our Riches (Full Album 2019)

666MrDoom has uploaded our riches to his wonderful youtube channel. In other words: you can have a listen there as well! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxyUbGFRYAk

Our Riches (2019) https://tridroid.bandcamp.com/album/our-riches https://www.facebook.com/uafmbm/ http://uafm.bandcamp.com Blackened Funeral Doom Metal ...Un...

10 months ago
Our Riches, by Under A Full Moon

Our Riches comes out today, huge thanks to Tridroid Records for all of their help with this release. You can buy the album here if you haven't already


8 track album

10 months ago
DLP Review: "Our Riches" by Under A Full Moon

Thank you Glacially Musical. Our Riches comes out tomorrow.


Our Riches Do you ever go through a period where a certain kind of metal really catches you and without even realizing it...there are a...

10 months ago
Album Review: Under a Full Moon - Our Riches (Tridroid Records) - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life



Our Riches marks the tenth official release for Under a Full Moon, melding a dark fog of ambiance that enshrouds the crushing doom ferocity that has the listener trapped within the confines of their ... See more

11 months ago
Under a Full Moon push back against capitalist society on savagely crushing ‘Our Riches’


Doom metal always has and always should dwell in the darkest elements of society, the things that make us wonder why life has to be such a burden sometimes, often impossible to navigate. Much of wh…

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